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APIS Eyewear

Individuality makes us incomparable. Incomparability brings us independence.


Our Living.room combines classic eye-optical activities with the manufacture of eyeglasses.

The advantage is obvious, made of high-quality natural materials such as buffalo horn, exotic woods such as: Indian apple tree, ebony, cocobolo and cellulose acetate, timelessly beautiful, exclusive eyeglass frames.

These can be individually arranged from different designs and diverse materials and adapted to the needs and ideas of the wearer. In the first step, the form is selected and adapted to the customer’s dimensions. Individual wishes such as the reproduction of a beloved piece or a very individual composition can also be realized. A digital drawing of the spectacles is created, with the help of which a sample is made. This way the fit can be optimally checked and an impression of the finished glasses can be obtained. According to this model, the blank for the glasses is then shaped by means of a CNC-milling machine, and in many complex steps, hand-polished, honed, polished and further processed. On request, the entire development of the spectacles, from the raw material to the finished polished and glazed spectacles, can be experienced. The customer is supported by the optician Christian Kuckelsberg, who accompanies every step from the measurement of the visual strengths and the choice of the right lens to the final polish of the finished glasses.

If you have the curiosity, we even allow you to be involved in the production of your glasses.

This is currently a unique concept worldwide, in which the customer is the creator, the creator and the project manager.

Here, innovative solutions are found for every need and each individual piece is rounded off by a personalized engraving on the inside of the temple.

The latest collection of Living.room is in fashion with its fresh spring colors and stylish round shapes.

Product development

Starting with plastics, such as cotton acetate or cellulose acetate, which we refer to from a special manufacturer from Italy, buffalo horn from an Indian water buffalo, exotic woods such as ebony, Indian apple tree, Zebrano and many more … up to gold, aluminum and stainless steel.

You know the situation in which you see glasses, but this does not fit. The nose bridge is too big or the glasses too small. The brackets may not fit. In addition, there is this eyeglasses not in their favorite color.

No problem with us! We build these glasses for you, because “customer-oriented production” is the motto.

We take into account all the geometrical features of your face and the whole in your desired special color. Finally, engrave your name on one of the brackets.Thus, you become the owner of a worldwide unique.

In addition to this process, a refraction is performed in which we determine your current spectacle lens thickness.

As far as eyeglasses are concerned, we work with all the world’s leading eyewear manufacturers, including Essilor, Zeiss, Rodenstock, Hoya, Wetzlich, Seiko and Nikon.

The selection of the right glass is made according to medical and aesthetic requirements and not by a brand name, so we guarantee you an individual product of the highest quality, both in terms of technology and medical requirements.