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iGreen Eyewear

iGreen is a fun and colorful eyewear that will allow you to give freedom to your imagination.




iGreen incredibly weighs only 5 grams, you’ll soon forget you are wearing it.


iGreen is extraordinarily flexible, with perfect shape memory!


Despite its lightness and flexibility iGreen is durable and resilient, the ideal companion for everyday life!


Each iGreen model fits perfectly, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort, even when wearing it for the whole day.



Changing the temples on your i Green glasses is very simple. In less than a minute your “new” glasses will be ready to wear!

Lift the temple where it protrudes from the front, lever it on the inside a bit, as if you were using a corkscrew. Then clip the new temple to the front and your new iGreen is ready to be shown off!