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Pugnale & Nyleve

We believe that our unique know-how and approach on eyewear market represent the excellences of Italian manufacturing tradition.


From day one Pugnale has conquered a place in the market showing its unique approach for the independent eyewear sector. Pugnale deepest mission is to recover the craftsmanship belonging to the first eyewear factories born in the north east of Italy since the beginning of the last century, a perfect mixture between past and future. All Pugnale productions are exclusively hand made in Italy, thanks to a selected network of suppliers, which, unlike the case of other companies, comes from the eyewear as well as from the medical, automotive and aerospace fields. This allows us to obtain different kinds of productions with exclusive technology transfers. All our eyewear are hand finished and inspected in our company through unique process techniques, thanks to our skilled staff.

Our Story

High technology and passion for design, fashion and luxury. These combinations of elements are the exclusive and distinctive elements since 2013 when “PUGNALE” was born as a Company.

Our Design Process

We create our products thinking at our special customers, and through forms and elements, which is the heart of our identity; it happens that each piece can be considered iconic and unique thanks to the handmade process applied. The combination of different but precious materials is the focus of our research, therefore the materials used and the manufacturing processes for our collections are incomparable to no one on the market.