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Val Mor

“I’m not looking. I’m looking to be found. I’m not running. I’m racing time. I don’t believe. I’m just waiting for a sign.”


Val Mor is a fictional character who exists only because light exists.

The fact that light is the source of vision can only remain a fact when vision is defined as being able to literally see what is in front of you, physically. But the idea that vision can also be defined as being able to see beyond what is in front of you, physically, is nothing more than surpassing your expectations of what is and what can be. Val Mor is the embodiment of both.

Val Mor was invented by Vladimir Mordukhayev, owner of Modern Day OptX. There have been many great leaders, great innovators, greats overall who have changed the way the world functions as a whole, but the one person that many forget to mention is the one optician who created glasses for the greats. That one person who figured out the way light functions and how to control the energy of light so that perfect vision is possible. Val Mor is then created.

Val Mor is not just an optician but also the light. Light is energy that allows one to see within the mind. An idea is light. Follow the light and you’ll escape the darkness.

Product development

All Val Mor eyewear are created using cotton acetate or cellulose acetate. The reason for that is because cotton acetate provides vibrant colors and flexibility, along with a comfortable feel when placed on the face, and is eco-friendly. The core of the frames is German Metal which allows the frames to be flexible when heated, yet stiff once the desired shape has been achieved.

The re-enforced double hinge is designed to provide extra strength for when putting on and taking off the frames is inevitable, providing the wearer with extra security. One less thing to worry about.

The nose bridge is a keyhole nose bridge, also known as, universal nose bridge. The eyewear made with a keyhole nose bridge is more comfortable on any and all noses because the eyewear sits on the sides of the nose rather than on the bridge of the nose. This is also a great feature for those who prefer wearing heavier frames because the weight is dispersed, making the eyewear feel lighter and more comfortable.

The lenses are taken into consideration when sunglasses are created because the lenses come with polarized lenses with anti-glare backside, providing your eyes the highest level of protection from UVA and UVB by suppressing the glare that is everywhere. The selection of the right glass is made according to medical and aesthetic requirements and not by a brand name, so we guarantee you an individual product of the highest quality, both in terms of technology and medical requirements.

Val Mor.